Equipment & Services

Equipment & Services

Force offers a large range of access equipment, including a variety of lift and travel tower designs for hire and for sale. We have branches throughout Australia, both in cities and in remote areas, so we are able to conveniently serve clients all over the country. Each outlet is fully staffed, with a large range of lifts available. Please get in touch if you’re looking for:

If you’re not sure which type of equipment would best meet your needs, then look below for basic descriptions.

Scissor Lifts for Hire

If you need a lift that can operate in a relatively limited space, with a platform that can be locked into position at any height and handle loads up to 680 kilograms, then a scissor lift hire might be the right choice. A scissor lift is supported on a folding structure that can extend up to 18 metres vertically, but retracts into a relatively compact area. Our range includes diesel scissor lifts with 4×4 drives, ideal for rough outdoor conditions, and electric scissor lifts that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Both are available for hire all over Australia. To find the right model for your job, please refer to the scissor lift table.

Cherry Picker/Telescopic Boom Lifts Hire

Boom lifts are also called ‘cheery pickers’ or ‘telescopic booms’. They are ideal for jobs that require height, flexibility and a relatively small platform. Operating at heights up to 43 metres and capable of lifting up to 227 kilograms, they are ideal for many construction and maintenance tasks, as well as providing a mobile, overhead platform for professional photography and filmmaking. Of course, they can also be used for picking fruit from trees, as the name ‘cherry picker’ implies. Most of our boom lifts for hire are diesel-powered, but we do have electric units available. To compare specifications, take a look at our telescopic boom lift tables. Force offers cherry pickers for hire in all of Australia’s major cities and industrial areas.

Knuckle Boom Lift Hire

Knuckle boom lifts are sometimes referred to as ‘articulated booms’. Like telescopic boom lifts, they offer flexible access at high elevations. However, their design includes two joints in the extension boom, making it possible for them to access a wider variety of locations without the need to retract the boom and move the cab. With extensions up to 41 metres, they are available in both diesel and electric. The diesel models tend to be larger and heavier duty; refer to our knuckle boom lift tables for help selecting a specific model.

Vertical Man Lift Hire

Vertical man lifts are a light duty, affordably priced option that’s ideal for maintenance, inspection and more. Our vertical man lifts, which are all electric, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They have 4×4 drive trains and can lift approximately 225 kilograms up 10 metres vertically, so they are ideal for giving personnel and light equipment a boost. To compare specifications in our full range, follow the link to our vertical man lift table.

Telescopic Handler Hire

Telescopic handlers are also known as ‘telehandlers’ or ‘telescopic booms’. If you’re looking for maximum height, maximum outreach and maximum load capacity, then chances are, you’ll want to look at our range of telescopic handlers. These booms are rated by working height and lift capacity. They can’t reach as high as some of our personnel lifts—lift height varies from 5.75 to 16.7 metres—but their load capacities are measured in tons, and they are suitable for lifting heavy materials and assemblies. They are highly mobile and are designed to handle rough worksites and limited spaces. All of our telescopic handlers are diesel powered, but some are suitable for indoor use. To find the right size for your application, refer to our telescopic handlers table.

Travel Tower Hire

Travel towers are self-stabilising extension arms that are mounted to trucks that can be driven around and between sites. They are available in insulated and non-insulted configurations. The insulated models are ideal for high voltage electrical work; the insulation in question is electrical, not thermal. They are available in working heights from 13 to 29 metres insulated and from 25 to 62 metres uninsulated. You can compare basic specifications for the entire range on our travel towers tables.