26′ Diesel Scissor Lift | Scissor Lift Hire

With a maximum extension of 9.7 metres, this nominal 26’ diesel scissor lift is one of our most popular pieces of equipment. In the context of our full diesel and electric range, it’s a midsize lift, but it is the smallest diesel-powered scissor lift we offer. With a 1.73 by 2.62 metre lift area and a platform that totals 1.8 by 3.2 metres along the outside, it is suitable for loads up to 2.5 metres high. Weighing approximately 3650 kilograms, its maximum recommended load is 567 kilograms. It is perfect for lifting workers and equipment. Its 4×4 drive train and diesel engine make it suitable for many outdoor applications, including service on construction sites, at mining operations and in shipping and transport.

If the 26’ Diesel Scissor Lift isn’t a good choice for your job, then check our handy tables to find a scissor lift with the right specs. Our diesel scissor lifts are available in a range of sizes from 9.7 metres to 18 metres high and with platforms up to 6.57 by 1.83 metres in area. If an electric scissor lift is an option, then you’ll find them in heights from 6.4 to 14 metres and with platforms up to 1.6 by 2.92 metres in area.

Equipment Specification PDF GS2668RT
Working Height (m) 9.7
Power Source Diesel
Lift Capacity (Kgs) 567
Drive 4×4
Stowed Width (m) 1.73
Stowed Length (m) 2.62
Stowed Height (m) 2.4
Approx. Gross Weight (Kgs) 3650
Tyres Solid
Platform Size (m) 3.20 x 1.80
Extension Deck (m) 1.2
Diesel Scissor 26-40