Scissor Lift Hire for Window Replacement

Access Equipment and Window Replacement

We’ve brought you details on window cleaning and access equipment before, but today we’re talking about window replacement. There are a couple of reasons why residential and commercial windows get replaced. Keep reading for a broad overview of window replacement.

Upgrading to Enhance Energy Efficiency

In recent years, one of the biggest reasons home and building owners have replaced their windows is to increase energy savings. Not only has technology made energy efficient windows more effective than ever, energy incentives from the Australian government in the form of rebates reward home and building owners for replacing older windows with more energy-conscious options.

Realtors know that a great way to increase the appeal of a house is to install energy efficient windows. They come in pretty much any style, ranging from traditional double hung windows to horizontal sliders, casement windows and fixed windows—even elaborate bay window units. For commercial buildings such as office buildings and hospitals, the energy savings can really add up. It’s no wonder many of the window replacements taking place right now are motivated at least partly by the opportunity to increase energy efficiency.

For most home window replacements, it’s possible to access the frame from the interior of the house. However, for windows that are very high, such as a multiple-story entryway, an elevating work platform is preferable to a ladder for ease and safely. When replacing multiple overhead skylights, a scissor lift hire can save loads of time. And when replacing dozens of windows in many commercial buildings, access equipment is the best way to minimise interruption and have business running as usual as soon as possible.

Old Windows Failing to Perform

Most commercial windows require replacement every thirty years or so due to normal wear, and windows in coastal areas, which must withstand the harsh wind and salty air, may have even shorter useful lives. A weather-tight seal is essential, and highly engineered modern windows that meet current building code requirements for air tightness, water tightness and other criteria function better than older windows ever did.

Sashless windows, commonly know as picture windows, are often found in coastal hotels or waterfront restaurants, as they provide the best uninterrupted view. These large, single pane windows are often too big to safely manoeuvre through the interior of a building; between door frames and tight elevators, it’s sometimes impossible. Of course, the same is true of sheets of curtain wall glass. A travel tower or boom lift is the only way to replace these oversized windows and glass panels.

For Australian home owners with windows from 1986 or earlier, window replacement can be an important safety precaution. Only since 1987 has it been mandatory for safety glass to be used in certain, accident-prone areas of houses. Safety glass means that the glass will shatter into harmless square pieces instead of sharp shards.

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