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A Tribute to Electricians

As you may have heard, on 2 February, a fatal explosion occurred at a Perth shopping centre; it appears the blast originated near an electrical transformer. The two victims were electricians performing routine maintenance on the transformer. An additional seven people were wounded, and two continue to fight for their lives. At this time, it’s […]

Access Equipment Jobs: Tree Surgeon

Access equipment is more commonly associated with construction and telecommunications than the natural world, yet tree surgery is an area where elevated work platforms can make a difficult job simpler and safer. With the increasing number of wildfires in rural Australia as well as the maintenance that’s needed for urban forests and trees along transport […]

Force Hosts Elevated Work Platform Association

On the 24th February, Force was proud to host a meeting of the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia at our Homebush facility in Sydney. The meeting was run by John Glover our National Service Manager, and the NSW President of the EWPA. Elevated Work Platform Association Meeting The EWPA is a very important representative […]

Safety Tip of The Week: Keeping Tabs on Tools

As you know, Force’s number one priority is safety. We are a premier provider of safe and reliable access equipment hire, but safety goes beyond just the integrity of access equipment and elevating work platforms. We’ve highlighted different ways to increase safety, like precautions to take when it rains. Another safety essential is keeping tabs […]

Access Equipment Jobs: Farm Worker

We’ve all been taught that Australia was built on the backs of sheep, but today, only a tiny fraction of our population lives in rural areas. Nevertheless, agriculture remains a $40 billion industry and agricultural products still represent one of our strongest export sectors. Plus, Australian agriculture has never been more diversified. Today’s jackaroos may […]

Access Equipment and Chimneys

Chimneys, whether domestic or industrial, are notoriously difficult to access, and domestic and industrial chimneys are very different in terms of both access and maintenance. All chimneys need to be maintained, and the maintenance routine is different depending on their size and on what the chimneys are made of: reinforced concrete, steel or brick. Domestic […]

Our Business is Growing | Office Cleaning, Plumbing and Jobs

We’ve spent a lot of time on the Force blog casting light on other industries, like plumbing and construction. Force truly believes all of the fields we help support by providing access equipment hire are unique and exciting. But, we’re a bit biased and think there’s no better career than working with elevating work platform […]