Cherry Picker Hire for Tree Surgeon

Access Equipment Jobs: Tree Surgeon

Access equipment is more commonly associated with construction and telecommunications than the natural world, yet tree surgery is an area where elevated work platforms can make a difficult job simpler and safer. With the increasing number of wildfires in rural Australia as well as the maintenance that’s needed for urban forests and trees along transport routes, this job is in demand.

Climbing trees is fun, and it’s a natural career choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want an active job. However, it is certainly not safe, and research from the UK indicates that using powered access equipment for some tasks can reduce accidents and save lives.

Advantages of Elevated Work Platforms For Tree Surgery

There are five areas where elevated work platforms can improve the safety and efficiency of the job:

  1. Having a machine take on the hard work of lifting reduces fatigue.
  2. The space offered by an elevated work platform gives the arboriculturalist a choice of tools, as they don’t need to haul up each piece of equipment separately.
  3. Stable working platforms reduce the risk of falls, as they provide a steady base.
  4. Observing the work site from an elevated platform enables clearer appraisal of the task without encountering climbing hazards invisible from ground inspection.
  5. There is no need for an extra colleague at the bottom of the tree to pass up equipment and risk being hit by fallen branches and tools.

Cherry Picker Hire

Boom lifts (Cherry Pickers) are a great solution to the problem of access for tree surgeons. They can provide extended reach and height, and knuckle booms enable the platform to stretch up and over obstacles. It is important, whether you require cherry picker hire or knuckle boom hire, to work out the total reach required, including up and over obstacles.
If you’re working on a large job, for example, clearing scrubland that has been identified as a fire hazard, an elevated work platform can enable a tree surgeon to work on more than one tree at a single elevation, saving time and reducing the cost overall.

Travel Tower Hire

Due to the nature and location of tree surgery, a mobile working platform can be a practical solution to sites with challenging access issues. Travel towers are perfect for these demands, with 4×4 variants available so you can access trees on even the most challenging ground.

The species of tree you are tackling, its size and position will all impact the choice you make for access equipment. That’s why arboriculturalists often find that hiring from Force’s huge range of access equipment is the best way to have the right platform every time. As well as the tree, you also need to consider the site, its slope, obstacles, road weight restrictions and dangers such as overhead cables and underground pipes.

Choosing the right access equipment can save any tree surgeon time and money. Contact the Force team today for help and advice on finding the best work platform solution for your job.