Building Surveyor with Access Equipment

Access Equipment Jobs: Building Surveyor

Building surveyors are primarily concerned with administering the state-legislated building control regulations, ensuring implementation of and careful adherence to the Building Code of Australia and ensuring that all buildings conform to Australian Standards. Building surveyors may work for local, state or federal governments, or they may be in private practice.

A Short History Of Building Surveying

The business of building surveying dates back to the Great Fire of London in 1666. After the devastating inferno destroyed much of Tudor London, architects and engineers surveyed the damage and came up with ways to prevent such a disaster occurring again.

These pioneering construction specialists suggested the use of new materials—brick and stone over timber, pitch and straw—and better urban planning. Buildings had to be built further apart to reduce the spread of fire, and the streets were widened. Improved access to the river and other sources of water was provided to help damp the flames more quickly, should a fire start.

Building Surveying In Australia

Modern building surveyors have a potentially far-reaching remit for their work. As well as an in-depth knowledge of building codes and legislation, building surveyors are in high demand for their knowledge of technical codes and construction techniques.

Whether private or municipal surveyors, almost all building surveyors in Australia are also qualified building inspectors, which means they are closely involved in the construction process from initial permits and planning to checking foundations and final fixes.

Building Surveyors And Access Equipment

This close involvement in planning, design and construction means they are regular users of Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs), whether that’s boom lifts to explore nooks and crannies or vertical lifts to oversee the construction of a roof or the correct installation of cladding and windows.

Making sure buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible is a challenge for any building surveyor. Those working at a municipal level usually have the support of a team of building experts and a fleet of equipment to call upon, but for those in private practice, maintaining and updating access equipment can be prohibitively expensive.

As a result, access equipment hire is a vital resource for building surveyors, and being confident that your machinery is well-maintained, up-to-date and safe to use is one less concern for a private building surveyor to take on themselves and their business. From boom lifts to vertical lifts, scissor lifts to telehandlers, Force has an award-winning fleet of access equipment to hire from its branches across Australia.

Just like professional building surveyors, Force cares about the health and safety of the end user, so training and support is available to all our clients on the safe use of EWPS. Whatever the job and wherever it is located, building surveyors can rely on Force, to provide specialist elevated work platforms.