Travel Towers for Fire Fighter

Access Equipment Jobs: Fire Fighter

Many little boys—and some girls—dream about growing up to be fire fighters. Fire fighters are hardworking and heroic, and they face challenges and physical dangers that are rare in the modern world of work, especially in cities and suburbs. Urban fire fighters put out fires in buildings and in houses, saving lives and doing what they can to minimise property damage. However, fire fighters can also work for the government and the military, fighting bush fires and forest fires, helping to deal with infrastructure issues, and minimising battle damage. fire fighters may also participate in community safety programs, acting as teachers and mentors.

Who Can Be a Fire fighter?

Anyone who is fit and healthy may have what it takes to become a fire fighter. Most fire services actively encourage people from minority groups to apply. People who can speak languages other than English are highly valued by city fire services.

People who succeed as fire fighters tend to respond well to structure and discipline and have the ability to stay calm and rational under severe stress. They also have to be willing to put their work at a high priority in their lives, as fire fighters are almost constantly on call.

How Do You Become a Firefighter?

Prospective fire fighters are required to pass a series of physical, written, medical and psychological tests before they are accepted as cadets. They must have a driver’s license and a clean driving history. Candidates with criminal records are generally excluded.

Fire fighters are usually trained through a combination of comprehensive in-house programs and government-certified equipment, first aid and safety training courses. Large fire fighting services usually have schools for their recruits. A Certificate II in Public Safety – Fire fighting and Emergency Operations is a standard certification for Australian fire fighters. There are no minimum qualifications required for entry into the course; however, basic literacy and numeracy are necessary in order to complete it successfully. Check with your local fire service for details.

Fire Fighters and Access Equipment

Like most people, you’ve probably noticed that travel towers are basic equipment for fire fighters; they’re built into the fire trucks, in most cases. The fact is, fire fighters are often dependant on access equipment to gain safe access to upper stories and roofs in burning buildings. Many people trapped in closed rooms with windows are rescued with the aid of a boom lift or travel tower.

Force certainly has a large fleet of access equipment available to any fire department that’s facing a crisis and needs a temporary boost in capacity. We also have equipment like knuckle booms that can be great solutions to spatial problems ordinary travel towers can’t solve. At Force, all of our equipment is maintained to the highest standard. If you’re presently working in emergency services, then don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need information on access equipment hire details or specs.