Boom Lifts for Renewable Energy Projects

Access Equipment Jobs in Renewable Energy

Australia has the potential to be a world leader in renewable energy. With almost endless coastline, the space to create large-scale solar and hydro schemes and all our lovely sunshine, the opportunity to develop renewable energy in Australia is vast and, as yet, relatively untapped.

The Australian government has set a target of meeting 20% of our energy needs through renewables in five years’ time. The anticipated investment under the current government scheme between now and then is around $22 billion in public subsidies and $15 billion from industry. Not surprisingly, figures like these mean the huge long-term opportunity renewable energy offers is gradually being realised on both a commercial and residential scale. In fact, in 2013, global investment in renewable energy surpassed investment in fossil fuels for the first time, with the worldwide marketplace for clean energy worth US$250 billion.

Jobs In Renewable Energy

A recent US study demonstrated that job creation in clean energy schemes was higher by a ratio of three to one than that in traditional fossil fuels—in spite of the recent US fracking boom. As well as creating more jobs, the experience in the US and Europe is that the jobs created in clean energy tend to be better paid and require higher credentials than those in fossil fuels. In fact, jobs in this sector typically attract wages 13% higher than in the rest of the energy sector.

Access Equipment Hire For Renewable Energy Projects

Despite the uncertainty over future government support for renewable energy, the commercial opportunity offered to anyone getting into this field is attracting investors. Of course, access equipment jobs in renewable energy aren’t all about building new wind turbines and electrical infrastructure. There will also be work on traditional construction sites and jobs retrofitting homes with solar water heating, solar PV panels and even geothermal heating systems.

The ability to hire access equipment for this work opens up a potential new revenue stream for existing businesses and allows start-ups to flourish without having to find the capital needed to invest in their own equipment. For installing solar panels on existing buildings, the most-used access equipment has to be cherry pickers or boom lifts. Solar panels for domestic use typically weigh between 15 and 30 kilograms, so most elevated work platforms can handle their weight along with the weight of the manpower necessary to fit them.

Elevated Work Platform Hire For Electrical Work

Perhaps the most flexible solution for working on difficult to access sites is insulated travel towers. Force’s fleet ranges in size from 13 to 28 metres. We have a choice of two-wheel drive, four-wheel-drive and all-terrain to tackle jobs in any location. With a reach of up to 24 metres, no tail swing and extendable baskets, insulated travel towers can help your team gain access to electrical infrastructure while keeping your people safe and protected. For uneven ground, look for travel towers with self-levelling abilities and rollover protection.