Access Equipment in Coal Mining

Assess Equipment in Mining

The mining industry was responsible for 7% of Australia’s GDP in 2011, and it has remained a hugely lucrative source of exports in the years since. Currently, it employs nearly 245,000 people, the largest number of people working in a single industry in Australia. In fact, in the past 10 years, mining saw the fastest rate of job growth in the country, compared to other major industries. This increase is mostly due to people working in the coal, metal ore and mineral sectors.

Mining operations require a variety of heavy equipment, including access equipment. The mining industry depends on reliable, appropriate tools and machinery that can function perfectly under tough demands and in difficult conditions. Workers in mining have to be well trained, perceptive and alert to stay safe. Force is proud to provide this important industry with top quality access equipment hire, and we can also provide the training workers need to operate the access equipment safely and with a high level of expertise.

Access Equipment and Mining

When you think of mining equipment, large drills, trucks and pneumatic machines probably come to mind first. Of course, those types of equipment are common in the industry, but most mine sites also require boom lifts or travel towers at some point, and they need the highest quality, best maintained and most suitable access equipment available. As with all of the other machinery present at mining sites, selecting access equipment that suits your specific needs—agility, height range, weight capacity, and terrain compatibility—is a major contributor to safety.

Access Equipment for Underground and Open Pit Mines

Before work can begin at an underground mine, properly supported walls and a fortified roof must be put into place. Depending on the height of the roof of the underground mine, a travel tower hire might be needed to reach it. Vertical shafts have to be installed and maintained to allow for proper ventilation and air circulation, and longer term access needs to be provided for. As mines are developed, access equipment may be required in the initial set-up process, to help construct semi-permanent access methods and to help inspect and upgrade works.

Open-pit mines sometimes require high-reaching access equipment to move materials and employees up and down. Because most open-pit mines are so large, travel towers can be helpful for temporary access to hard to reach areas, and they can easily be moved long distances, increasing efficiency and productivity. Of course, access equipment is sometimes required for the maintenance of electrical equipment and lighting, as well.

Force has a variety of access equipment that’s suitable for use in and around mines.