Risk Assessment for Access Equipment

Pay Attention When You’re Driving Access Equipment!

We are passionate about doing all we can to reduce risks to those who use our equipment. In fact, Force has held a AS/NZS4801 National Health and Safety accreditation for the last three years, and we pride ourselves on expert risk and hazard assessments, maintenance and on-site safety education.

Despite the growth in health and safety culture, many of the industries that use our access equipment are hazardous by nature and still see tragic and often avoidable accidents and fatalities. So far this year, 140 Australians have tragically lost their lives while at work, many of these deaths have occurred in the same industries Force serves, including construction, warehousing and mining.

Fail To Plan And Plan To Fail

To be sure any lifting operations are carried out safely and competently, they should be carefully planned and supervised. This might seem obvious, but often over time, what seem like routine tasks can be carried out thoughtlessly, with the location, challenges and vagaries of the equipment not fully assessed for the risks they may pose to workers. Even routine tasks should be reviewed periodically to ensure they are still being completed safely.

Complicated tasks, particularly those using unfamiliar equipment, such as hired scissor lifts or specialist access equipment, should be planned each time they are undertaken, especially if different staff members, equipment or sites are involved. All lifting operations should also be well supervised, with risks to those below the raised platforms minimised.

Smart Equipment, Used Intelligently

Choosing the right access equipment for the job is vital for ensuring a safe work environment, which is why we offer a wide range of access gear to suit any job.

All Force access equipment features a variety of safety-conscious devices, such as motion sensors, automatic self-levelling and great manoeuvrability, so your team can work safely in even the most awkward spaces.

Sweat The Small Stuff

Checking the nitty-gritty of your equipment might not seem important, but paying attention to good record keeping can help to flag up any recurring issues users should be aware of. Anyone driving access equipment needs to be conscious of their surroundings, even if it is a short and familiar route. As well as keeping a watchful eye out for pedestrians and other workers, users of access equipment need to bear in mind the locations of power lines above and drains or sewers below, as well as other potential hazards around them.

Whatever height you are working at, from five metres to 45 metres, Force has the equipment, know-how and training to offer you whatever you need to get the job done safely. Call our experienced team today on 1800 674 777 to discuss your requirements.