Boom Lifts Used by Electrical Lineman

Access Equipment Jobs: Electrical Lineman

Since the roll-out of the telegraph system in the 1850s, linesmen around the world have been involved in creating and maintaining the network of communication and power cables that we now take for granted. From the original telegraph wires to the creating of widespread electrical systems, cable TV links and now fibre-optic connections, the job of the electrical lineman has long been hazardous, hardy and lonely.

Thankfully, unlike the early days of electricity, electrical linesmen no longer have only a 50-50 chance of surviving their job. Much of that is down to unionisation and the safety culture Australian linesmen are now accustomed too. The development of appropriate access equipment has been a major factor in making the job safer, with both installation and maintenance work far simpler than they were in the past.

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are arguably the oldest type of motorised access equipment platforms still in use. They are the first choice for many linesmen needing to reach the top of telegraph poles or buildings when space is at a premium. Easy to use with plenty of working space at height, scissor lifts are a versatile solution to most elevated access issues.

Working on rough terrain outdoors calls for a powerful diesel scissor lift to offer sufficient power and stability. For indoor locations or areas where noise may be a concern, electric scissor lifts are available with a reach of up to 18 metres and zero emissions. Extra features to look for are extending platforms to reach over objects, motion sensors and automatic levelling devices for added stability and flexibility.

Boom Lifts

Cherry pickers, boom lifts or telescopic booms are the smart choice where obstacles lie between your platform location and your working site. Boom lifts are designed to enable access to even the smallest spaces.

Generally more manoeuvrable and with a greater reach than scissor lifts, cherry pickers can extend to 43 metres, with a horizontal reach of almost 25 metres. Site access is seldom an issue with the latest boom lifts, offering 4×4 control for rough terrain and specialist wheels and quiet electric engines for indoor use.

Access Equipment Hire

Electrical contracting in Australia is one of the most tightly regulated in the world, and the industry has fantastically high safety standards, particularly in regard to regular testing of safety equipment. Force is committed to following safety best practice with its hire equipment, training and staffing. In fact, in 2011, Force was the first access equipment rental company in Australia to be awarded a national health and safety accreditation.

Our plant safety focus can be demonstrated in our records management, safety systems and rental procedures. Whether you are looking for scissor lift hire or boom lifts, hiring from Force means you can be sure they are well maintained, safe and suitable for whatever your job needs. Whatever your access equipment needs, contact the friendly team at Force to find out more about our industry-leading rentals.