Travel Towers - Access Equipment on Wheels

Travel Towers: Access on Wheels

Travel Towers are access on wheels, in fact, they’re also known as ‘boom trucks’. Force has 90 different travel towers for hire, and there’s little doubt that one of them will match your requirements. With so many to choose from, how can you make your selection? Once you have narrowed things down, you can view handy graphics showing the operating range of each model you’re considering, and of course we are always happy to answer your questions and send along more information, if you need it.

Travel Towers are Booms Mounted Onto Trucks

Please be aware that travel towers are permanently truck-mounted. The truck makes the boom fully mobile and helps to counterbalance the work platform. Travel towers are self-bracing end-to-end, but they can be braced by outriggers as well; this is often necessary on the two sides of the truck, depending on how the boom is going to be used. Travel towers are heavy pieces of outdoor equipment that are road worthy and ready to drive. Many of the units we have for hire are equipped with four wheel drive, roll-over protection systems, self-levelling systems, reversing cameras and more. Many of our clients use the air conditioned truck cabs as mobile offices.

Because travel towers are trucks, they require drivers who are licensed to operate heavy vehicles on the road; there’s more than just the usual access equipment training required. So, if you’re looking for travel tower hire, make sure that you have considered who will be on the team. You’ll need a qualified driver and a qualified access equipment operator. But luckily Force hire our travel trucks either wet or dry, meaning we can operate the equipment for you.

Common Uses For Travel Towers

Travel towers are great for use at remote worksites, and they’re ideal for infrastructure, too, especially small jobs that need to be done in locations that are kilometres apart. Many of our clients for travel tower hire are involved in mining, electrical work, renewable energy or telecommunications. Travel towers can be used in mine set-up and knock-down. They’re ideal for maintaining electrical pylons and poles, and they’re also a great choice for performing repair and maintenance tasks on wind turbines. They can be used in construction, for working with communications infrastructure and by film crews, television crews and photographers for remote shoots. We have a travel tower in the right size and type to suit almost any job.

Insulated Travel Towers and Non-Insulated Travel Towers

We offer insulated as well as uninsulated travel towers. It’s not thermal insulation that we’re talking about; it’s electrical insulation. Our insulated travel towers are used on sites where electrical wires pose a risk of injury to workers. Our insulated travel towers for hire conform to all the regulations and guidelines governing electrical work in Australia. For example, we keep their Electrical Test Certificates up to date. If you’re looking for an insulated platform for electrical work, then this is the option to choose.