Yellow Card a Proof of Professional Access Equipment Training

What’s a Yellow Card?

You already know that Force offers some of the best access equipment hire in the business, but did you know that our commitment to safety has led us to seek out certification in Workplace Training and Assessment? Force is proud to offer in-house EWPA yellow card training on scissor lift hire and boom lifts. If you don’t know what a yellow card is or why it’s so important, keep on reading.


The Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia was incorporated in 1998 to ensure the safe use and operation of a variety of elevated work platforms and aerial devices. There are hundreds of members in the EWPAA, and they include manufacturers, rental fleet owners and related users in the industry. The EWPAA is run through a National Executive, and it meets regularly with the support of State Committees to stay on top of safety.

The EWPAA is not just familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, they work directly with the unique guidelines that are in place in every state and territory in Australia. The EWPAA developed the Yellow Card as a symbol of proper training that is nationally recognised. It motivates employees to take steps to create a safe workplace environment.

The Yellow Card

The Yellow Card came about through the hard work and collaboration of the EWPAA and industry members. It is intended to help maintain the highest of professional standards that ensure safety. A Yellow Card holder has received proper training on the operation of elevated work platforms and aerial work platforms. It is directly connected to the Unit of Competence RIIHAN301B Operate Elevating Work Platforms. Not all access equipment is identical, so having specific training that applies to the machine you’ll be working with and the environment you’ll be working in is very helpful.

In addition to providing evidence of proper training, the Yellow Card also allows employers or suppliers to maintain documentation on user training, and it is verifiable on the EWPAA website. This shouldn’t be undervalued; in an industry that carries such inherent risk, it’s important that all employees working on and near access equipment be properly trained and that the training be properly documented.

Getting a Yellow Card

If you’re interested in having Force’s in-house trainers provide you or your company with Yellow Card training, fill out our Contact Us form on our website. We might be biased, but we think our trainers are the best. That’s why our value proposition is safe, available, reliable, engaged. Force puts safety first—always.

If you work with access equipment, make sure you receive EWPAA Yellow Card training. Not only will it keep you and your workers safe, it’s a public symbol that you meet the high professional standards of our industry.